Sunday, June 21, 2009


My sewing has been derailed the last couple of days because of something the size of a flea. Literally. Cats + Outdoors = FLEAS!!! I've been spending time with the 5 kittens and mom that my parents rescued now living in their garage. They've been there a couple of weeks now, but no one mentioned a flea problem. Probably because they weren't getting bitten... For some reason unknown to me, fleas love me. Something about me attracts them. I probably have about 50 bites now and they've been itching like crazy. I know you're not supposed to scratch, but that's difficult not to do when you're whole body is driving you nuts. So I've been loading up on the Benadryl the last couple of days and have been too sleepy or too miserable to do any sewing. Gabriel has been having a tough time as well. The yellow flies here have been biting her. Go figure, they've left me alone.

However, today I seem to have turned the corner! The bites still itch but I'm handling it better and have stopped the sleepy medicine. I was able to get enough time to finish a present for my secret sister for July. I was going to hold off on showing it, but don't figure she'll drop by my blog. It's a tote bag in patriotic colors. It's large enough to haul a bunch of stuff.

It also has six pockets inside. I was going to put them on the outside but didn't care for the busyness of the fabrics together. So I just moved them to the inside and problem solved!

I've made this bag a couple of other times. Once for myself with a cute cat print and again for my mother. She's taken hers with her on her trip, so I can't get a picture. But here's mine...

I'm also hoping to make a mini quilt for my secret sister tomorrow. She's having a real rough time of it now and could use some cheering up. Fortunately, I have the charm pack that matches the tote. It's Red, White & Bold by Sanda Gervais for Moda. (Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE charm packs!)

Can you tell I'm going with a 4th of July theme for this package? Here's hoping I get as much done tomorrow as I hope to. Until later...

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