Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Down at the farm...

I'm not really at a farm, it's just something we call my parents place because they have a lot of acreage and live in the country. Gabriel and I made it down here safely and for once Gabriel managed NOT to throw up in the car. Thank you Lord for that miracle! My niece and nephew came over and played lots of ball with her. Here's a picture of her bringing it back. It's a little bit blurry because she runs really fast.

When they were done playing, even though she was exhausted, she still tried to sneak the ball in the house. In this picture, her wheels are turning as she tries to figure out how to grab the ball and make it in the door before I shut it. We've gone through this routine many times. My job is to shut the door as soon as she picks up the ball and until she lets it go again.

I do hope to get to some quilting tomorrow. I brought several projects down with me in case I get a chance to work on something. But here's a picture of the quilt I made my mom for her birthday last year. The pattern is called Storybook Farm by McKenna Ryan. I'm working on another one called At Home in the Woods by her as well. It's another of the UFOs on my list for this year. Both quilts are fusible applique and then free-motion quilting around everything.

My mom grew up on a dairy farm so the quilt has special meaning for her. Until next time, may God bless you!

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