Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bad Kitties!!!

Recently the machine on my frame, a Janome 1600 DBX, started acting up and had to take a trip to the repair shop.  Unfortunately, it was during the quilting of this quilt...

In the meantime, the temptation proved too great for these two troublemakers...

David and Sam
and they tore a hole in the batting during a wrestling match.

I'm not sure yet what I'll do when I get to this point in the quilting.  Any suggestions?

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. 
James 1:22 (NIV)


  1. Dee... I would cut the batting off right above the tear.. all the way across and cut a new piece to go back. Using a needle and thread with a whip stitch, sew the 2 pieces together. Use rather small stitches and pull them snug. If you can manage it, try to have the seam where the 2 pieces are sewn together in the same location or right at a seamline on your quilt top so when you quilt down that line, you will never know what you did. It will take a little bit of figuring, but it can be done. maybe wait to cut off the batting until the hole has come up on top of the quilting field. Then you will be able to smooth everything out and plan your attack.

  2. That's such a beautiful quilt! Boys will be boys! Looks like Thearica has a good suggestion?

  3. I have some iron on tape to connect batting pieces together. You could just cut out the hole and stitch an patch in..

  4. I seem to remember a gorgeous quilt named Deconstructed. Maybe those naughty cats had a little inspiration in this mischief! T's suggestion is what I thought of first, but that tape might be easier.

    BTW, I've thought your Deconstructed quilt photo would make such neat gifts such as a the artwork on a deck of cards or stationary for quilter friends. That's still my all time favorite quilt.

  5. Cats, cats, cats! They just can't help themselves. Gotta love them anyway!