Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Two Heads Are Better Than One...

or so the saying goes.  But if you were watching my mom and I sew together this weekend, you'd have reason to question it.

We got together to try and finish a quilt top we started in May of last year.  Our first task was to lay out all of the blocks we had previously made.

Unfortunately, when we laid them out we found we were short 9 blocks.  So we spent the next couple of hours making the missing blocks.  Then we took another picture of the quilt and looked at it on the computer to see if we needed to move any blocks.  Notice anything about this picture? (Hint: lower right corner)

Somehow one of the blocks was made wrong.  Rather than take all those seams apart, we decided to go ahead and make one more block.  Except when we went to pull out the fabric, we discovered a ziploc bag with another 20 blocks in it!  I couldn't help but fall to the floor laughing.  I was sure we had enough blocks to start with and don't know how we possible missed these.  So we wasted the morning sewing unnecessary blocks.  Neither of us was feeling exceptionally bright at this point and hoped the rest of the project went smoother.

With the minor exception of a couple of broken needles and this strangely bent pin that my mom sewed over, the rest went pretty well.

Because there's no sashing, every single seam had to be pinned before being sewn.  There were SO many points to match up.  I don't think I've every pinned a quilt as much as this one, but the extra work was worth it.  And with two of us working on it, it went pretty quickly.

Rather than sew each border on individually, we decided to sew them on as strip sets and miter the corners.  It made adding the borders so much faster.  In no time at all, we finished the top.  We're calling it Snoobi and it has 2,826 pieces in it.

I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'm hoping to get this quilted within the next few weeks.  Fingers crossed I can get it done.

Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.
James 1:2-3 (NLT)


  1. It is very pretty! I think we all have moments like you had discovering extra blocks. At least it makes for an interesting story, ha ha!

  2. What a wonderful quilt! Love the colors and design! May I ask the name of the pattern? That pin looks like it is doing a sit-up! LOL It's so cool you and your mother sew together!

  3. This is really gorgeous... and I know you had fun with your mom.

  4. Wow! What a beauty! Maybe you can make a throw pillow with the leftover blocks ;-) Happy quilting!

  5. you now probably have enough blocks to do pillow shams! I am looking forward to seeing this one!

  6. It is beautiful! I hate it when I do something like that! Now what will you do with 19 left over blocks?

  7. Oh Dee it is simply gorgeous. Can't wait to see the colors up close :0)