Friday, December 24, 2010

Now I can share...

So now that Christine has received her package from me, I can finally share pictures of it.  This is what I made for her for the Nancy Halvorsen/Christmas challenge.  This challenge is the most recent in a series of ongoing challenges for a group called 'The Twelve of Us'.

I made her 2 tea towels - the top one that says 'Bless Ewe' and another one with a dove in a tree.  I've looked through my pictures but can't find any closeups of them.  I finished them quite a while ago and thought I'd taken individual pictures, but if I did, I don't know what happened to them.

The main part of her package was the Christmas wall hanging.  The letters are fused on and then blanket stitched around with coordinating floss.  The words are embroidered and the people are supposed to be buttons.  At least that's what they are in the book.  However, the individual button pack was over $50 with shipping and I decided to see if I could recreate them in fabric.  Here they all are before I added the details to their faces and such...

I should have put a quarter next to them so you could an idea of the scale of them.  Each figure is probably about an inch tall.  These were some teeny tiny pieces to cut out and I couldn't have done it without my tweezers.

I was really pleased with how it turned out although I won't be quick to try it again.  I spent probably 5 or 6 hours making those people.

Nancy Halvorsen makes some very cute and whimsical designs.  I think all of her things have a very distinctive look to them.  Considering this was actually Christine's project choice, I wanted to make her something she would hopefully like.  The patterns for the stitchery and tea towels are in the book 'Tidings'.  All of the fabric in this wall hanging are the same as those in the book.  I also included all of the leftovers in her package as well.  I only needed a small amount of most of the fabrics so there was quite a bit left.

Considering she likes her work so much, I'm hoping she can use them for other projects too.  So now on to the next project - Quilted Greeting Cards.  This is yet another project I've never tried.

Until later...

"Give yourselves completely to God - every part of you ... you want to be tools in the hands of God, to be used for his good purposes." 
Romans 6:13b (LB)

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