Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quilts for kids...

Some posts ago I mentioned that the Quilts for Kids program was offering free quilt kits to quilters willing to make the quilt and send it back.  I ordered one for myself along with several for the ladies in our quilting bee.  I've finished my first top.  The colors are nice and vibrant and it went together very easily.

It's hard to tell, but the focus fabric in that quilt is dinosaurs.  The program also asks (if possible) for you to contribute one with your own fabric.  I had some kid's novelty fabric that I've had for years and I was able to cut up another quilt in the same pattern.  I'm working on piecing the top right now.

Because Mr. Quilting Bug drove into work today, it was just the 'kids' and I.  A couple of them decided to keep me company while I was sewing.  (A third one is on my sewing table and a fourth is laying on the floor.)

This couch is in my sewing room.  You can see it's a catch all for current projects and lazy cats.  Until next time...

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