Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pleasant dreams...

I had a wonderful dream the other night.  I dreamt that I woke up and Michael was sleeping in bed with me.  She used to snuggle in bed with me every night, but she's been unable to jump that high for the last 3 years because of her arthritis.  So in my dream, she was young and healthy again.  I know all of you who have or had aging pets know it's difficult to see them become older and infirm. 

Don't misunderstand me, Michael is doing really well for being 13 years old.  She's happy and fairly energetic.  I just remember how she used to love to jump.  She could easily jump from the ground into an above ground pool.  (Ask me how I know...)  Now when she's excited she'll try to jump and her front feet will leave the ground several inches but the back stay put.  But as I said, she's happy and I'm happy she's still with me.

When I was loading some new pictures tonight, I found this one of Michael curled up in bed.

I got a package in the mail today and so did Mr. Quilting Bug.  He was very excited to get Windows 7 in the mail.  However, I believe I got the better shipment.  Let me show you...

Oops!  I guess it's a little difficult to make out in that picture.  (David was very interested in the flash on the camera.)

That's a clearer picture but still needs explaining doesn't it?  This package is my 2nd from Pro Chemical & Dye and provides me with everything I need to start hand-dyeing my own fabric.  I'm eager to get started, but a little nervous too.  Included here are 10 yards of a special PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric, a container of Cherry Blush dye and the other ingredients needed to successfully dye everything.  I may get started this weekend if I can find the time.  Wish me luck...

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