Sunday, August 19, 2012

A sewing hussif...

Recently, as a sewing challenge for a group I'm in, we had to make a sewing hussif.  To be honest, as soon as I heard about the challenge, I had to go look up what a 'hussif' was as I had never heard the term before.  It's defined as "a case containing thread, needles, and other articles for sewing."  (I think it was a popular term pre-1950s.)

In  my research I looked for existing patterns for sewing hussifs or sewing kits, but really couldn't find that many out there.  A friend gave me an older one she had, but in the end I found the best solution was to draft my own using some heavyweight interfacing.  From start to finish, it was a fairly labor intensive project, but quite a lot of fun to design and sew!  

The Sewing Hussif and other gifts
I knew that the lady I was making this for has a fondness for pigs and so I started by embroidering some pig motifs on fabric.  Then I backed both the inside and outside with Peltex and quilted diagonal lines spaced 1/2" apart.  I really like the look of the lines quilted this close together, but obviously gave no thought to how long it would take me to complete it.  I think I watched about 8 episodes of MASH while doing it.  (Note: I used a FriXion pen to mark the quilting lines.  I LOVE these pens!)

Inside and Outside Panels Quilted
After quilting the big panels, I finally got started on adding all the pockets and stuff to make this useful as a sewing kit.  I added a pocket to the back with a velcro closure to hold a 6"x8" cutting mat.  (You can see my pattern template just above it in the picture.)

Pocket on the back for the cutting mat
The pocket closed
Then I moved on to the inside of the hussif.  First I added a zippered vinyl pouch to the left side.  It's been so long since I've put in a zipper that I kind of winged it.

Vinyl Zippered Pouch
Then I added 2 more pockets - one with an embroidered pig on the front and another to hold a pair of scissors.  I also put a small little button closure to prevent the scissors from sliding out when not in use.

Adding a couple more pockets
Finally, I added some elastic to hold a ruler and small rotary cutter.  I cut some flowers out of felt to hold pins and needles and sewed it down using a button and a few anchor stitches.  I also found some Moda ribbon I had in my stash and added it along the top of the hussif for some interest.  Because the recipient does a lot with crazy quilting, I put some metal loops on the right side to hold floss or ribbon.  I didn't want it flopping around or getting tangled, so I added the strip of fabric to hold it in place.

Finished inside of the Sewing Hussif
Then I layered the inside and outside of the hussif together and put the binding on it.  I also used a magnetic snap to open and close it.  It was a lot of work from beginning to end, but I enjoyed working on it, especially the design aspect of it.  Here are a few final close ups...

Until later...

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Proverbs 4:23 (NLT)