Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Still 'Leaping' Away...

The extra border fabric for my Leap Year quilt came in a couple of days ago and I wasted no time in sewing it on.  I was eager to call this top finished!  I wasn't sure what size to make the border, so I auditioned a couple of widths first before finally deciding on 5 inches.

Auditioning potential border widths before cutting my fabric
The top now finishes at 67" x 76", which is a little too big to lay out on my sewing room floor, so I brought it down and laid it across my bed to get a good picture of it.

'Leap Year' laid across our bed
Uh oh!  Seeing how well it fit across our bed got me thinking that it wouldn't take that much more effort to turn it into a king size quilt.  And I've been wanting to make a patriotic quilt for our bed for quite some time.  (Should I mention that I have yet to finish even one king-size quilt for our room and our current quilt comes from Kohl's?)

So I've decided to add another border of 16 patches around the outside and a final outer border of the blue fabric.  That should make it plenty big enough.  This fabric line is Wiscasset by Minick & Simpson and is several years old, but I lucked out and managed to find one last Layer Cake online and a few yards of the blue, which should be enough to finish the quilt.  Both of those purchases should be in later this week and I can hopefully get started on it again.

Like most of the country, we've been experiencing record breaking high temperatures and no rain.  In fact, we just finished 7 days in a row of 100+ degree temperatures.  Everything's been drying up here, which is why I was shocked to see my Asiatic Lily bloom this year.  It's looked as sickly as everything else and I was convinced it wasn't going to bloom.  (It's actually supposed to bloom in the Spring.)  However, it surprised me and started with the most glorious blossoms this past week and more are opening every day.

Love Story Asiatic Lily
A cold front (relatively speaking) moved in last night and we're supposed to get rain every day this week.  When I checked this morning, there were another 8 blooms getting ready to open.  God is glorious, isn't He!

Until later...

I will be filled with joy because of you. I will sing praises to your name, O Most High. 
Psalm 9:2 (NLT)

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  1. I think the extra blocks and border will make this a beautiful king size quilt