Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Prayer Request...

For those of you who pray, would you please add my cat Sam to your prayer list?  She had a seizure the other day and is waiting on some test results.  I'm praying everything comes back fine and she never has another one, but would appreciate your prayers as well.

Until later...

The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving. 
Psalm 28:7 (NLT)


  1. Fingers crossed, good thoughts and prayers too for a good outcome for Sam.

  2. You have my prayers and Herman's healing purrs for Sam to get well fast.

  3. Me and my cat Charlie came over from Angel and Kirby's blog. We are so sorry to hear about Sam. We are sending you lots of purrs and prayers that Sam will be ok and will get better asap. Take care

  4. Your Sam is adorable.
    We read on Angel & Kirby's blog that Sam had not been feeling well, so we just wanted to let you know we will keep you all in our purrs and hope that the results come back positive and that Sam will be totally better.

  5. My cat Scooter is purring for him as I type. I will reach out to everything good and ask that Sam is filled with strength and wellness. I did this after Scooter had a seizure in the summer....
    Scooter is an old cat and the seizure was very frightening. We think it was a reaction to some Frontline Flea Treatment Drops I'd applied to the back of his neck the night before. I have stopped using these and found some non-chemical ones instead.
    He had another strange episode which might also have been a seizure. He seemed vague, ghosting. Then when he came to, he walked around really fast, sniffing everything and investigating everything and didnt seem to know us. Eventually he stopped and mowed at me, I picked him up, which he doesn't usually allow, and he stretched, relaxed, and dozed in my arms till he was ok again.

    Well since then he had a real bad sinus bug of some kind. We thought we would lose him for sure. We were desperate, lots of sleepless nights, and trips to the vet convinced it would be the last time.... but again, he pulled through... he wasn't well all summer, but here he is now, bright eyed and trying to get on the keyboard.

    They weren't sure about the seizures. They said maybe just his age (nearly 19). We wait and watch, and love and enjoy and appreciate our borrowed time with him.

    Cats are amazing. They can recover from a long way down. They can bounce back when you already secretly planning the burial spot. DOn't give up hope, is all I'm trying to say.

    I don't pray in the Christian sense any more, but I will meditate and try to pull the love and goodness out there down to you and Sam. I dunno, was it coincidence this worked for Scooter? I dunno. I do know I will try it again though.

  6. PlumaBlanca the working cat here...I yam purrin' for your cat Sam so dat all good things come to be, health and happy days for you both.
    PSS my Mom is asking for healin and blessins too!