Tuesday, November 24, 2009


121 Extra Small
125 Small
167 Medium
132 Large
109 Extra Large
654 Total

This is the total number of dog (and cat) bandanas that I've finally completed.  Whew!  What a task that was.  I made 5 different sizes of these bandanas that fit around your pet's collar. Back when I started cutting these out (several years ago), I thought I might sell them on ebay or something.  Now I'm planning to donate them to one of the daughter's from my quilting bee so that they can use them to raise money to help animals.

I literally just put the last stitch in them less than half an hour ago.  I'm relieved to have finally finished this UFO.  As you can see, I made them with all different kinds of fabric.  There are pet motifs, sports, seasonal, almost every holiday, tractors, camouflage...

There should hopefully be something for everyone.  I thought you might like to see a picture of one being used so I put it on my cat David.  He's the most camera happy.  But every time I tried to take a picture he was right up in the lens.  This was the best out of about 20 pictures...

Take care!

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